You can make a donation to Aahung by going to any Soneri Bank branch in Pakistan and depositing a check or cash to the following account:

Account Title: Aahung

Saving Account Number: 01-02-0262135

Branch: Clifton

City: Karachi


If you would like to make a donation from outside Pakistan, please click below:

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Your gift will be tax-free as we are a registered non-profit organization in Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance Act, 1984. We are a small organization with nation-wide reach. 

Impact of your gift:

A gift of PKR 5,000 (approx. USD 50) covers the cost of Life Skills Based Education workbooks and activities for one classroom at our partner school.  

Our activity-based workbooks help children become aware about their bodies and their rights, and become confident. 

A gift of PKR 10,000 (approx. USD 100) covers the cost of training 2 healthcare providers on reproductive health to give more informative and compassionate family planning services.

Each healthcare provider reaches hundreds of families.

A gift of PKR 35,000 (approx. USD 350) covers the cost of training 15 teachers in our Life Skills Based Education curriculum.

Fifteen teachers reach over 500 students and empower them to know their sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

A gift of PKR 90,000 (approx. USD 900) supports a school to integrate the Life Skills Based Education curriculum.  

Our Life Skills Based Education curriculum integration includes teacher training, school administration policy reform support, and material for students. This holistic approach educates children on body protection, decision making and provides them a supportive environment to keep them safe.