Development of an electronic course for Family Life Education (FLE)/ Life Skills Based Education (LSBE)


Aahung has developed an e-course for FLE/LSBE through the Sukh initiative. This short course enables young people to attain key SRHR messages in a concise yet comprehensive manner. Such an initiative enables a wider range of youth such as those who haven’t studied LSBE in schools, vocational centers, alternative or non-formal education centers, to access standardized SRHR modules. This e-course has been developed in collaboration with Brand Crew using an open source, Course Management System (CMS). Due to the taboo nature of the topics, the content of the e-course has been segregated for boys and girls to ensure cultural sensitivity and privacy and is available in both, Urdu and English. Additionally, an offline version has also been created to account for electricity and internet issues.

Aahung, along with the team of The Brand Crew, pilot tested the e-course at STEVTA in August where the teachers were walked through the entire module and given instructions on how to operate it. The e-course module will also be included in the Youth Friendly Spaces (YFS) after the space is inaugurated in September. In the long-run, this course will be offered on various websites/portalsthat youth can access directly, on an independent basisand free of charge. This in turn will maximize youth's reach to accurate and user-friendly SRHR information that is appropriate in terms of age, terminology/language, and culture.